(…) flow moments (…) are usually among the most memorable and fulfilling in people’s lives.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, The Running Flow.

The Galopins running group

Based in Brussels, The Galopins is a caring, fun running community which believes in applying the concept of Running Flow into their running.

Come check us out, it’s free!

The Galopins Coaching

 I (Alex) propose coaching with different possibilities. You can check out the ready to go FORMULAS and prices, or contact us to ask any questions or RECEIVE MORE INFORMATION ABOUT personalisation

The Galopins Guided Tours

Visiting Brussels? You want to enjoy a run?

Here we are.

Not a touristic tour but a real insight of the city by a local runner.

You can check it out the formules ready to go and prices or contact us to ask any questions or personalisations.

Looking forward to enjoying a run with you!


Please send us an e-mail via the contact form, describing yourself as a runner, and describing what you are expecting from us. Don’t forget to check out our group rules and our mission to see if it fits you.