A few rules…

We are relatively free… but a few rules are necessary to run the group smooythly and peacefully.

Cool mindset. Just be cool. Nothing more. It’s just about sport, sharing good time, meet new people, so no stress allowed.

Pace. The lower limite in pace in 6min/km > 10km/h. Just enough for the faster ones not to be bored and the slower to have at least something a bit challenging.

Whatsapp conversation. We manage our meetings with a Whatsapp conversation. It’s handy but you need to send us your phone number ( by email). Just tell when you join. Not needed more. Of course in case of last minute change, tell us, for us not to wait for you. Btw be on time, we wait a minute or two max. On this conversation, all is about managing meeting points. For other discussion, use Facebook or Instagram.

Self suficiency. Take what you need according to the weather, the light… Of course drinks and snacks if you feel the need. A few money to share a drink afterwads maybe?

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