Personal coaching

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C’ est 1H où je me tiens à disposition pour partager mon expérience et mon savoir avec vous.

Cela peut être thématique. Je vous partage ainsi mon « savoir faire » et mon expérience tant en trail running ( courte ou longues distances, Ultras, etc…), course sur route ( Semi Marathon, Marathon, etc… ), etc…
Par exemple:

  • travail de foulée
  • Gammes de course à Pied.
  • Intervalles guidés.
  • Renforcement ciblés
  • technique de trailrunning (Montée / Descente).

> Individuel:

1h: 50 € / > 10h: 400 €

> Duo ( prix pour la 2cd personne):

1h: 40 € / > 10h: 300 €

> Trio et + (pers added) :

1h: 30 € / >10h: 200 €

Programme possible à mettre en place pour les forfaits de 10H.

I am available to share my knowledge and experience with you during 1 hour.

> Individual:

1h: 50 € / > 10h: 400 €

> Duo (2cd pers):

1h: 40 € / > 10h: 300 €

> Trio and + (pers added) :

1h: 30 € / >10h: 200 €

Possiblilities to set up a program if you plan for 10h or more.

Then it can be thematic for a 10h program.

I will share with you my “know-how” and my experience in preparation, planning, trail running skills, road racing (marathon for example) specific tempos, ultras running preparation etc …

For example:

> stride work

> Road Running (half-marathon, Marathon) tempo

> Guided intervals

> Targeted muscle/flexiblity exercices

> trailrunning technics (Ascent / Descent)

Feel free to contact me to make it fit your needs.


Running tours

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Je propose ici des tours guidés à travers Bruxelles – et plus- pour toute personne qui veut courir “Autrement” dans notre belle capitale Belgo-Européenne.

Mes expériences de Bike Messenger et mes courses quotidiennes dans la ville m’ont amené à la connaitre vraiment dans ses moindres détours, offrant ainsi un angle de vue plus inédit qu’un guide touristique.
Je propose ainsi des tours uniques en leur genre, de tout type de distances, terrains et localisations. Je peux improviser À partir de n’importe quel point de départ et définir la distance et le terrain en fonction de vos envie.

Les tarifs:
– 40€/Heure/personne
– 30€/heure/personne supplémentaire

Les tarif spécial 10 miles( +/- 16km):
– 50€/personne
– 40€/personne supplémentaire

groupe max de 6 pour que cela reste “intime” et personnalisé.
Evidement je suis ouvert à toute discussion pour plus de personnalisation.

Je propose aussi des tours dans hors Bruxelles*, dans les alentours* mais aussi en Ardennes* ou Flandre*.

*frais supplémentaires à prévoir mais on en discute ensemble 😉

I am offering a service of guided tours through Brussels for anyone who wants to run while having a city insight of our beautiful Belgian-European capital.

My experiences of Bike Messenger and my daily runs in the city gave me a real deep knowledge of the city, thus offering a unique perspective different than the tourist way.
I am offering tours that are unique in their kind, of all types of distance, terrain and location. I can improvise from any starting point and define the distance and the terrain according to your wishes.

Les tarifs:
– 40€/Heure/personne
– 30€/heure/personne supplémentaire

Les tarif spécial 10 miles( +/- 16km):
– 50€/personne
– 40€/personne supplémentaire

maximum group of 6 to keep it “intimate” and personalized.
I am open to any discussion for more customization.

I also offer tours outside Brussels*, in the surroundings* but also in the Ardennes* or Flanders*.

*additional costs to be expected but we can discuss it together.


The Galopins?

An article to present and explain who The Galopins are.

So who are we?

A quick answer will be simply a running community. We do not charge dues and our main focus is not high performance or speed. Instead, we meet and run, with each participant motivated by different goals and with different levels. What we have in common is the love for running, and a good positive mindset.

I (Alex) am the galopins founder, coach and friend to all. The running shop where I works supports our group. I am an enthusiastic, social runner and “socially enthusiastic” is a good way to describe The Galopins Running Flow group motto.

We live in Brussels and run in Brussels, but welcome Bruxellois, as well as people from all over Europe and the world. We are city runners, trail runners, occasionnal runners, regular runners who like occasional group runs, fast runners who enjoy a fun pace with us – really, every type of runner is welcome!

So if you feel like joining this open community, adding your approach to running to our group, or joining our running flow, please send us an email and join us for a run. Check us out in person and see if you like our spirit. Let’s share the road, the trail and definitely some good moments.

Looking forward to have you with us, and to help contribute to this great running community

My/our favorite saying:

“keep cool, it’s just about running!”

Freedom, stress relief, me-time, fitness, outdoor, goals, nature, happiness, escape, well-being, pleasure, transcendence, health, lifestyle, meditation, flow, a need, move…

Words about Running from The Galopins members.

Support, motivation, positiv energy, instant sharing, fun, discovery, friendliness, meet, listening, team spirit, sense of belonging to somewhere, increased self confidence, sharing common values, acceptance and patience without condition, living and feeling freedom with others, I can do more/better than I thought I could, I’m not alone, sharing experiences…

Words about Running in a/our group from The Galopins members.

BXL Schedule

Here in Brussels, We have some usual meetings during the week.

Usualy the schedule is like this:

Bxl Breakfast Run
  • Tuesday morning 7 am at Merode entrance of Cinquantenaire Park. It’s about cool pace (min 10kmh) for an hour, then we split, it’s time to work!
  • Wednesday evening 7.15 pm at Jean Rey Place in front of TraKKs shop or 7.30 at Merode. We can share a drink in Le Grand Central Cafe afterwards. Here is the place for all levcels to join to share a nice moment, no specific pace planned.
  • Thursday morning 7 am at Merode entrance of Cinquantenaire Park. It’s about cool pace (min 10kmh) for an hour, then we split, it’s time to work!

All can be updated on the Whatsapp conversation, don’t forget to send your phone number to be updated


Running Flow?

As a philosophy for The Galopins Running community, my idea is to apply the Flow theory to our activities.

The Flow (and Runnig Flow specificly) is a full concept which is, in our modern competitive times, often linked to performance. But it’s not only about this for me. As the guideline of The Galopins, “keep cool, it’s just about running”, I personnaly think that, this concept is a good phylosophy to apply to our sport, to any sport, and for life in general. Here is the begining of an explaination of what it can be:

Perhaps it was a race where you met a difficult challenge head on, where your mind and body were so completely tuned in that running your fastest time felt effortless.

Maybe it happened while jogging through a beautiful landscape, a place so tranquil that your usually unruly mind couldn’t help but shut off, allowing you to enjoy the simple pleasures of moving through the environment.

You may have felt this same sense of engagement while conversing with your friends on a long run, a journey where 2 hours felt like 20 minutes.

Those moments are called flow moments, and they are usually among the most memorable and fulfilling in people’s lives .

Flow refers to an optimal experience during which the mind and body work harmoniously while honed in on a specific task. Flow is often associated with peak performance. When you are in a state of flow, you have no distractions, no deadlines, no querulous spouses to please, and no outside expectations to live up to.

You simply have the present moment; in that moment, the pleasure comes from the act itself

Running Flow
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, PhD Philip Latter Christine Weinkauff Duranso

So it can look like a bit idealistic, philosphic, or mystic, but knowing a lot of people in sport, i can tell you that, any personn taking sport with an easy mindset, with no preasure, as something to experience another kind of reality moments, all those runners/sports people know what i am speaking about. It can be challenging, but with challenges not only in competition against others, but against yourself, against wheather conditions, terrain or nature in general…

This state of Flow became for me, the goal of most of my runs. Not about speed, not about distance, not about time, not about location, but all about experiencing out of time moments. Running with the galopins make this happen often in a social point of view. Sharing with people who i would have never meet if not by the group, some joining as rookies in running, waiting for advices and pushed up by more experienced ones, some more experienced joining to just have a new experience with the love of sharing their one… And then from all of this Flow moments can appear, in the way of running as One, in a spirit of unity, with friendship, respect and fullness feeling.

So there are many ways to experience running and The Galopins was created to make one more.


Brussels extra

30km in Sonian forest

Out of the usual week schedule, we, sometimes -never often enough… yet 😉 – some extra runs on the week ends or on free times during the week.

It can be from OFF events, non official, to races or anykind… As soon as you plan to do something and that it’s not a “me-time”, never hesitate to propose it on our FB page. Tell where, tell what, tell when… Then you’ll see people interrested in joining. Not more complicate than that.

Rules are allmost the same than the one of The Galopins ones’s, just be respectfull of eachother, that’s the more important, same level than have fun!

On the FB page agree about everithing, exchange your personals contacts if needed, and you can use then the Whatsapp group to exchange for the last minute agreement, it’s more handy.

That’s also the oportunity to discover new pratctices, such as trail running, specifics training ( like on a track, intervals, fartlek…), to get out of the city, sharing cars to go further etc…

It can be of course also about participating to some races, running together or on our own, but for sur be on the same start line and sharing a beer and great time at the end.

So as the spirit of The Galopins group, it just all about having fun and great time all together!

So, what’s our next one?



A few rules…

We are relatively free… but a few rules are necessary to run the group smooythly and peacefully.

Cool mindset. Just be cool. Nothing more. It’s just about sport, sharing good time, meet new people, so no stress allowed.

Pace. The lower limite in pace in 6min/km > 10km/h. Just enough for the faster ones not to be bored and the slower to have at least something a bit challenging.

Whatsapp conversation. We manage our meetings with a Whatsapp conversation. It’s handy but you need to send us your phone number ( by email). Just tell when you join. Not needed more. Of course in case of last minute change, tell us, for us not to wait for you. Btw be on time, we wait a minute or two max. On this conversation, all is about managing meeting points. For other discussion, use Facebook or Instagram.

Self suficiency. Take what you need according to the weather, the light… Of course drinks and snacks if you feel the need. A few money to share a drink afterwads maybe?

24H Jogging Liège 2021

Je – Alex- me lance dans un défi sportif solidaire / Solitaire au profit de la Croix-Rouge!

Les 11/12 Septembre 2021, 24H running sur un circuit de 1,5km au parc de la Boverie.

https://les24h.be/ .

Dans la mesure où l’événement se tiendra (entre le Covid et les inondations…), je me suis inscrit dans la catégorie solo. A la vue de ce qu’il s’est passé la semaine dernière en Belgique et des conséquences immédiates et à long terme que cela a et aura, j’ai voulu associer mon défi à une page de collecte pour la Croix-Rouge de Belgique qui s’est immédiatement mobilisée pour aider toutes les personnes sinistrées.


N’hésitez pas à y faire un petit -ou gros- don!!


Donc je compte courir ces 24h en Solo, comme un test pour un projet plus fou des 24H d’Albi fin octobre, mais on verra d’ici là. .

D’avance merci à TraKKs pour le soutien.


ENG > Below.

Vous vous êtes inscrits à votre premier 100 MILES? ou plus? Quelle folie!

Vous savez alors que vous allez passer une nuit entière dehors, et ça, vous ne l’avez jamais fait.
Je vous propose ainsi ma compagnie et mais surtout de partager mon expérience en la matière pour gérer ces moments, courir toute la nuit, gérer la fatigue nocturne avec ses hauts et ses bas, gestion et essai du matériel (lumières, nurition etc …) le tout en dehors de notre zone de confort.

La Nuit ( 22H/6 H ) > 80€

Où? > à définir ensemble, frais supplémentaire si en dehors de Bruxelles > à discuter 😉

You signed up for your first 100 MILES? Or more? Crazy You!

Then you know that you will have to spend a whole night out, but you never did before.

Staying outdoors, running over night for the first time, may be somewhat out of your comfort zone. Trying it out before your first “big night” can be very helpful.

I can offer you support in learning how to manage this, and trust me – in the process, we will enjoy a great experience.

Night (10pm / 6am) > 80 €

Where and has to be defined together*,

*additional costs if outside Brussels> to be discussed;)

Running Technics Programme.

ENG > Below

Je vous propose ici un programme qui se déroule sur 6 mois dont le but est de vous aider à prendre conscience de votre style de course, puis l’analyser et dans la plupart des cas pour l’améliorer.

Le cours est orienté vers la course “naturelle” -dite aussi minimaliste ou médio-pied, sans la forcer pour autant, le but étant plus de trouver Votre foulée naturelle.
Je vous expliquerai ainsi les différentes foulées, nous courrons ensemble pour trouver la technique et la cinétique qui vous correspond le mieux.
Le but final sera de vous rendre la course à pieds aussi naturelle et instinctive que possible et surtout naturellement adaptée à vous.

Le programme:

Premier Contact :
30min d’Introduction > 1H run/discussion > 30min Masterclass. (2 heures)

1er mois : 1 session/semaine (4 sessions)

2e/3e Mois : 1 Session/2 semaines (4 sessions)

4e Mois et suivant : 1 session/Mois. (4sessions)

Prix total: 350€

35€/H supplémentaire

Groupe : forfait / personne supplémentaire: 250€

MAX 4 personnes en même temps pour rester efficace.

I am offering a programme which takes place over 6 months

The goal of the programme is to help you become aware of your running style, then analyse it, and in most cases to improve it.

The course is “natural” running – also called minimalist or midfootrun oriented, but without blindly pushing for it.

I will explain to you the different types of strides, we will run together and then find the techniques and the kinetics that suits you best.

The final goal will be to make running as natural and instinctive as possible and above all naturally adapted to you.

Program schedule:

First contact : 30min Introduction> 1H run / discussion> 30min Masterclass. (2 hours)

1st month: 1 session / week (4 sessions)

2nd/3rd Month: 1 Session / 2 weeks (4 sessions)

4th Month and following: 1 session / Month. (4sessions)

Total price: 350 €

35 €/extra hour

Additional person: 250 €/extra pers

MAX 4 people at the same time to keep it efficient and personalised.