– BXL extras –

A bit more…

Out of the usual week schedule, we, sometimes -never often enough… yet 😉 – some extra runs on the weekends or on free times during the week.

It can be from OFF events, non official, to races or anykind… As soon as you plan to do something and that it’s not a “me-time”, never hesitate to propose it on our FB page. Tell where, tell what, tell when… Then you’ll see people interrested in joining. Not more complicate than that.

Rules are allmost the same than the one of The Galopins ones’s, just be respectfull of eachother, that’s the more important, same level than have fun!

On the FB page agree about everithing, exchange your personals contacts if needed, and you can use then the Whatsapp group to exchange for the last minute agreement, it’s more handy.

That’s also the oportunity to discover new pratctices, such as trail running, specifics training ( like on a track, intervals, fartlek…), to get out of the city, sharing cars to go further etc…

It can be of course also about participating to some races, running together or on our own, but for sur be on the same start line and sharing a beer and great time at the end.

So as the spirit of The Galopins group, it just all about having fun and great time all together!

So, what’s our next one?