– Coaching –

I am Alexandre, the galopins running group founder, and now offering a coaching service.

I am an enthusiastic, experienced, social runner.

As “socially enthusiastic” is a good way to describe The Galopins Running Flow group motto, as well it fits my alternative way of coaching. I share my experinces and advices but at first, i take time to catch who you are before to lead you to your next goal.

My experiences:

  • finisher of the Gent Marathon with a PB of 2h47 in 2019,
  • Winner of 24h de Liège 2021 with 201km
  • Winner of Another one bites the Dust 2017 – last man standing race – 173km – 29laps,
  • finisher of the Legends Trail 250km,
  • Brussels 20 km, Marseille Cassis, Brussels/Paris EcoTrail 80K, trail des Fantomes 100km, Dalmatia Ultra 100miles, Velebit Ultra 50 miles and many many others…
  • but above all I run regularly, and have a preference for independent routes on GR trails and other hills and mountains adventures …

Actually i am proposing 3 specifics type of coaching:

Personal coaching

> Personal coaching per hour, classic adaptative time for any kind of demand ( formules of 10h as well).

Running technics program

>Running technics program, program made to help you to find the stride which fits you the best.

Overnight experience

> Overnight experience, to make you dicover the pleasure of running overnight before your next 100 miles.

Based on my experience and continuous training in scientific and sports literature, I also offer varied coaching, both on trail and road, training plans and developing stride techniques …

I am very focused on developing the so-called “natural” stride, but keeping in mind that it must be individualized above all, putting an emphasis on keeping awareness of your personal running style.

I base my coaching on mutual exchange, communication and feelings, all while following a strict plan that will allow you to progress, both in terms of performance and in what is essential to me: making the run enjoyable by making it natural.

I will share with you my passion to help you develop yours.