– Running flow? –

As a philosophy for The Galopins Running community, my idea is to apply the Flow theory to our activities.

The Flow (and Runnig Flow specificly) is a full concept which is, in our modern competitive times, often linked to performance. But it’s not only about this for me. As the guideline of The Galopins, “keep cool, it’s just about running”, I personnaly think that, this concept is a good phylosophy to apply to our sport, to any sport, and for life in general. Here is the begining of an explaination of what it can be:

Perhaps it was a race where you met a difficult challenge head on, where your mind and body were so completely tuned in that running your fastest time felt effortless.

Maybe it happened while jogging through a beautiful landscape, a place so tranquil that your usually unruly mind couldn’t help but shut off, allowing you to enjoy the simple pleasures of moving through the environment.

You may have felt this same sense of engagement while conversing with your friends on a long run, a journey where 2 hours felt like 20 minutes.

Those moments are called flow moments, and they are usually among the most memorable and fulfilling in people’s lives .

Flow refers to an optimal experience during which the mind and body work harmoniously while honed in on a specific task. Flow is often associated with peak performance. When you are in a state of flow, you have no distractions, no deadlines, no querulous spouses to please, and no outside expectations to live up to.

You simply have the present moment; in that moment, the pleasure comes from the act itself

Running Flow
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, PhD Philip Latter Christine Weinkauff Duranso

So it can look like a bit idealistic, philosphic, or mystic, but knowing a lot of people in sport, i can tell you that, any personn taking sport with an easy mindset, with no preasure, as something to experience another kind of reality moments, all those runners/sports people know what i am speaking about. It can be challenging, but with challenges not only in competition against others, but against yourself, against wheather conditions, terrain or nature in general…

This state of Flow became for me, the goal of most of my runs. Not about speed, not about distance, not about time, not about location, but all about experiencing out of time moments. Running with the galopins make this happen often in a social point of view. Sharing with people who i would have never meet if not by the group, some joining as rookies in running, waiting for advices and pushed up by more experienced ones, some more experienced joining to just have a new experience with the love of sharing their one… And then from all of this Flow moments can appear, in the way of running as One, in a spirit of unity, with friendship, respect and fullness feeling.

So there are many ways to experience running and The Galopins was created to make one more.