– Running technics program –

I am offering a programme which takes place over 6 months

The goal of the programme is to help you become aware of your running style, then analyse it, and in most cases to improve it.

The course is “natural” running – also called minimalist or midfootrun oriented, but without blindly pushing for it.

I will explain to you the different types of strides, we will run together and then find the techniques and the kinetics that suits you best.

The final goal will be to make running as natural and instinctive as possible and above all naturally adapted to you.

Program schedule:

First contact : 30min Introduction> 1H run / discussion> 30min Masterclass. (2 hours)

1st month: 1 session / week (4 sessions)

2nd/3rd Month: 1 Session / 2 weeks (4 sessions)

4th Month and following: 1 session / Month. (4sessions)

Total price: 350 €

35 €/extra hour

Additional person: 250 €/extra pers

MAX 4 people at the same time to keep it efficient and personalised.