– Running Tours –

I am offering a service of guided tours through Brussels for anyone who wants to run while having a city insight of our beautiful Belgian-European capital.

My experiences of Bike Messenger and my daily runs in the city gave me a real deep knowledge of the city, thus offering a unique perspective different than the tourist way.
I am offering tours that are unique in their kind, of all types of distance, terrain and location. I can improvise from any starting point and define the distance and the terrain according to your wishes.

– 40€/Hour/person
– 30€/hour/person

10 miles special price( +/- 16km):
– 50€/person
– 40€/person added

maximum group of 6 to keep it “intimate” and personalized.
I am open to any discussion for more customization.

I also offer tours outside Brussels*, in the surroundings* but also in the Ardennes* or Flanders*.

*additional costs to be expected but we can discuss it together.