– The Galopins? –

An article to present and explain who The Galopins are.

So who are we?

A quick answer will be simply a running community. We do not charge dues and our main focus is not high performance or speed. Instead, we meet and run, with each participant motivated by different goals and with different levels. What we have in common is the love for running, and a good positive mindset.

I (Alex) am the galopins founder, coach and friend to all. The running shop where I works supports our group. I am an enthusiastic, social runner and “socially enthusiastic” is a good way to describe The Galopins Running Flow group motto.

We live in Brussels and run in Brussels, but welcome Bruxellois, as well as people from all over Europe and the world. We are city runners, trail runners, occasionnal runners, regular runners who like occasional group runs, fast runners who enjoy a fun pace with us – really, every type of runner is welcome!

So if you feel like joining this open community, adding your approach to running to our group, or joining our running flow, please send us an email and join us for a run. Check us out in person and see if you like our spirit. Let’s share the road, the trail and definitely some good moments.

Looking forward to have you with us, and to help contribute to this great running community

My/our favorite saying:

“keep cool, it’s just about running!”

Freedom, stress relief, me-time, fitness, outdoor, goals, nature, happiness, escape, well-being, pleasure, transcendence, health, lifestyle, meditation, flow, a need, move…

Words about Running from The Galopins members.

Support, motivation, positiv energy, instant sharing, fun, discovery, friendliness, meet, listening, team spirit, sense of belonging to somewhere, increased self confidence, sharing common values, acceptance and patience without condition, living and feeling freedom with others, I can do more/better than I thought I could, I’m not alone, sharing experiences…

Words about Running in a/our group from The Galopins members.